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The two of them held such lovely eye contact. And such fine guests.


The holidays draw closer, even as it rains, stopping and starting over the day and evening and into this morning. But the air feels like the fall and the holidays that come with it. Halloween, and costumes, and playing parts, and perverting memories and usurping them for gratification. Day of the Dead. And families, formed by blood as well as those forged by choice, gather to give thanks and eat too much, and cook, and sip, and cuddle. And then suddenly it’s the festival of lights, and then that day a rather kindly fellow slipped out of his cave when everything closes, and then wow, so quickly, it’s New Years, and champagne, and tuxedos, and kisses, and lingerie.

Well, always lingerie.

Miyazawa Kenji, Written in Ink

A simply touching, deeply evocative post from my dear friend QNY:

The knowledge that I will fail sits next to my willingness to try, and it takes nothing away. I will be as kind as I’m able, as helpful as I can be, and live as simply as I can muster, knowing that I will also drown my sorrows, err in a million different ways, and struggle to find peace in everything I do. I am not perfect, and I am a person who needs the reminder, not the person who has already come to live it.


ya hes cute…….but is he conscientious of the social inequalities and corruption in hierarchies of power that plague this world

And is he able to navigate those with grace and self-awareness, leveraging the tension and discomfort inherent in the system in order to push buttons and elicit reactions. In a hot way.

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Stockings Season

Our next parcel package, you’l be pleased to hear, will be a fine pair of stockings. The season for them is here, and now is the time of year for wearing them.

And if you’re not a stocking-wearer, nor have a friend to gift them too (with the stated obligation to wear them for you, or not), then keep them on hand for a peculiar myriad of uses such as exfoliation (they word in pinch, more gently than one might imagine), cleaning (they work well for polishing pots), and removing nail polish (with acetone, in the place of cotton balls).

But I first suggest you find a lovely soul to dress them in, or don them your very self.

Letters, Opened

Who among us does not enjoy a lovely letter, in the mail? I find a fine letter opener, to cleanly slice the envelope, adds immeasurably to the experience, once the excitement of the opening moment has come and gone, leaving the accessible envelope handsomely slit apart, with no rough folds, bends, or tawdry flaps out of place.

Straining against the thin, thin wires. For hours. While she’s used, and used, and used.

A fine evening, lacking in neither humor nor naughtiness.