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Miss Prim was kind enough last evening to assist me with testing the new stockings samples that arrived from my fine man in Taiwan this week. 

I must say that they, and she, performed superbly and very much to my satisfaction.

Members’ Parcels on Route

Our dear members are receiving their parcels, with a lovely limited edition signed print, elegantly hand-written missive, and a handy token object to put to good use, in the days ahead.

“Aged 5 to 7 years, Evan Williams is a solid bourbon, and it rightfully appears on most lists of the best budget whiskeys…. I prefer Evan Williams for sipping more than for mixing.”

—   A reviewer with whom I agree

(Source: drinks.seriouseats.com)

Limited Edition Photographic Prints

Did you know that, each month, my monthly parcel arrives limited a limited edition signed print?

And as the membership grows, the size of each edition grows with it, so these early editions are the most limited and rare.

“Handkerchiefs don’t have to be fancy. Just a plain white one will do. But there’s nothing wrong with going for ones with a little style. I have my initial embroidered on mine to add a touch of class…. And a gentleman never asks for his handkerchief back.”

It does get a touch messy, once the heavy training begins. 

I keep two handkerchiefs handy when I expect a companion’s mouth to water excessively, one in my usual spot, and one to keep my trousers from getting too damp. Additionally, I find that a well-placed handkerchief can offer some protection not only against drips, but also against the bite of a zipper.
Long-term members will recognize this image as one sent in the early parcels. Lovely lady. (A thanks as well, to my dear friend GNY, for providing her.)


Furoshiki (風呂敷) is a traditional method for wrapping and carrying goods in Japan, which requires only a square of cloth to elegantly wrap and carry items of all sorts.

If you have happen to be the type of gentleman who carries a pocket handkerchief with you at all times (possibly even one of mine, if you’re a member) you already have all you need on hand for a few small items.

This rather handy diagram, from the Japanese Ministry of the Enviroment (who hopes to encourage the rebirth of Furoshiki as an alternative to disposable bags) offer a wide variety of techniques and is most certainly worth a close study. And some practice.