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It would appear that the ladies have attacked guynewyork's parcel this evening. With their mouths.

It would appear that the ladies have attacked guynewyork's parcel this evening. With their mouths.


We gather, once again, this evening to create and write and practice. Only through practice and repetition do we get better at the things we value.

Tonight we do work. Beautiful work.

“The tie tack, otherwise known as a tie pin, is used to keep the tie in place. Other accessories that men wear for the same purposes include tie bars, tie chains, tie clips and tie straps. Each function slightly differently but serve to keep the tie from blowing in the wind or draping in food.”

Keeping One’s Tie in Check

A small pearl tie tack is always an elegant and delightful way to keep one’s tie neatly in place. Compact and effective.

If you don’t have one on hand, now would be an eminently fitting time to become a member of my parcel service.

Men’s Ties

Those of you who know me, know I wear only two colors of neckties: Black and dark grey. (And I only wear a bow tie with a tuxedo.)

Though that’s no critique of our more colorful and varied friends, and for those who prefer more colorful tastes, I suggest a perusal of Mr. Stratton’s varied, and charming collection..


As many of you who know me, know so very well, I do enjoy the wonder of modern travel.

This next time, soon, I’ll be back on the west coast, in the fine city of San Francisco. If you like my work, and have any interest in sipping an espresso, a scotch, or sharing a nibble, do say hello and let me know. (And if any of you wished to be captured in my camera, do drop naughty hints.)

Cool Friday Evenings

On this July evening, well-into summer, a cool, fresh-breezed evening like this one whispers in your ear, saying “savor me,” “pause a moment,” and “feel the gentle coolness across your cheek.”

Soon, night after night will be succulent, and redolent, and full of wetness, so relentlessly thick that each rivulet of sweat, sliding slowly down your back until its sucked into the fabric of your well-fitted shirt won’t even offer relief.

But tonight, tonight… is gorgeous.

Underneath, of course, were stockings held up by garters, but often what’s just out of sight is as enticing as what’s present, visible, in front of our longing eyes.