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Letters, Opened

Who among us does not enjoy a lovely letter, in the mail? I find a fine letter opener, to cleanly slice the envelope, adds immeasurably to the experience, once the excitement of the opening moment has come and gone, leaving the accessible envelope handsomely slit apart, with no rough folds, bends, or tawdry flaps out of place.

Straining against the thin, thin wires. For hours. While she’s used, and used, and used.

A fine evening, lacking in neither humor nor naughtiness.

Those Dirty Boys and Girls

Last night was the latest in a series of readings by the Dirty Boys, Jack Stratton, Gibson Grand, and my own dear Guy New York, joined by Daisy Danger. I’ve been unable to join them for the last few and so was quite pleased to be here and present for this fine evening.

I shot the night, and captured some lovely moment, almost entirely in flash-assisted Infrared, which has the lovely side effect of being nearly invisible to the human eye, and hence much less disruptive than a normal flash.

We also had the simply delightful good fortune to have a few TDG Members, and friends of Members, in the house, and their stories were magical. They know who they are, and this is a little nod to such lovely people.

Practice, practice, practice. And good posture.

The Dirty Gentleman’s Rules

These rules are, of course — as ought to be apparent by those following them, especially dolls — themselves always slowly iterating, and being revised, and improved, and adjusted.

Nonetheless, today my rules are embodied thus:
- Embody ELEGANCE at all scales.
- CHOOSE with intention and walk that path.
- PRACTICE, with patience, and let go of self critique.
- ITERATE, and adjust.

Guild Protocols on Elegant Dress

The Guild protocols were tested finally, and they’ll evolve and improve and be refined over the years ahead, but these words on proper and elegant dress, for those who wish to comply with such considered protocols, were first drafted by Ms. Darker and Ms. Hill, and presented, with a few minor adjustments by my hand, do bring a warm, pleased smile to my lips:
- Black and white cocktail attire is always in good taste for our events. (Dark blues, charcoals, and pinstripes are all quite acceptable too.)
- Shoes, boots, and heels ought to be polished and in good condition.
- No jeans, tee shirts, or sneakers permitted.
- No garments or accessories, please, with overtly visible commercial logos.
- No pantyhose are permitted.
- Stockings shall have no runs at the commencement of the evening. (Though later, of course, they are not unexpected.)

Note also:
- No brimmed hats shall be worn indoors.
- Coats and jackets shall be hung up on hangers, not over chairs, when removed for play, or to adjust for excessive heat.

Such lovely sapphic lasses kissing fiercely, heels, stockings, lingerie galore.