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The Dirty Gentleman’s Rules

These rules are, of course — as ought to be apparent by those following them, especially dolls — themselves always slowly iterating, and being revised, and improved, and adjusted.

Nonetheless, today my rules are embodied thus:
- Embody ELEGANCE at all scales.
- CHOOSE with intention and walk that path.
- PRACTICE, with patience, and let go of self critique.
- ITERATE, and adjust.

Guild Protocols on Elegant Dress

The Guild protocols were tested finally, and they’ll evolve and improve and be refined over the years ahead, but these words on proper and elegant dress, for those who wish to comply with such considered protocols, were first drafted by Ms. Darker and Ms. Hill, and presented, with a few minor adjustments by my hand, do bring a warm, pleased smile to my lips:
- Black and white cocktail attire is always in good taste for our events. (Dark blues, charcoals, and pinstripes are all quite acceptable too.)
- Shoes, boots, and heels ought to be polished and in good condition.
- No jeans, tee shirts, or sneakers permitted.
- No garments or accessories, please, with overtly visible commercial logos.
- No pantyhose are permitted.
- Stockings shall have no runs at the commencement of the evening. (Though later, of course, they are not unexpected.)

Note also:
- No brimmed hats shall be worn indoors.
- Coats and jackets shall be hung up on hangers, not over chairs, when removed for play, or to adjust for excessive heat.

Such lovely sapphic lasses kissing fiercely, heels, stockings, lingerie galore.

Thunder in the Summer

This evening, after another in a long string of delightfully cool, comfortable New York days, unmarred as they too often are by sweltering heat and thick wet humidity (though with just enough lick of heat in the sun to remind one it’s summer, in New York City), an unexpected and sudden boom of thunder, and dashes of lightning, shimmering outside our windows and echoing across the books in the library.

Such a magical, perfect breeze as well. Simply lovely evening.

Tonight it begins, with poker, sips, and the new Guild protocols.

The Guild

Those of you who enjoy refined attention to detail, fine service, and elegantly attired and well-mannered gatherings would enjoy my new project, which I’ll refer to only for now as the Guild.

(And if you do enjoy those things, you really ought to be a member of my parcel service already.)

It would appear that the ladies have attacked guynewyork's parcel this evening. With their mouths.

It would appear that the ladies have attacked guynewyork's parcel this evening. With their mouths.


We gather, once again, this evening to create and write and practice. Only through practice and repetition do we get better at the things we value.

Tonight we do work. Beautiful work.