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Penmanship was duly practiced last night, and our letters to subscribers written out by hand. Those of you who have somehow not yet subscribed, might also enjoy the well-wishes presented in said letters:

Dear Ms. (or Mr.),
We hope you enjoy this month’s item, and do put it to good use. In the midst of these holidays, of giving thanks, and lights, and other shared experiences, please do make time to dress yourself and loved ones in the finest — and naughtiest — of outfits, and take all due pleasure in curling up under, and atop, blankets and comforters, thighs, nooks, and amidst warm piles of pleasure.

Should you have any friends you think might enjoy our service, we would so appreciate if you to might spread the word about us.
Warm, wintry regards, from your friend, On behalf of TDG.

  • 23 November 2013
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